About The Team Building Project

The Team Building Project (TBP) was developed and launched in 2009 by Stephen Scott and currently has 44,046 members in over 150 countries. The TBP system is absolutely FREE and provides expert training and support to help you succeed.


One of the most important features of the TBP is the level of support we provide our members worldwide. And more importantly, we've worked hard to developed a friendly and open environment where TBP members are encouraged to help each other, no matter who's team you're on, what country you live in or what business opportunities you're pursuing. We even have a TBP Help Center that provides prompt assistance to our members 24/7, no matter the language or country. Our main focus is working together to achieve individual and TEAM success!


Perhaps the worst experience a network marketer can have is feeling like they're not connected to other individuals in their business opportunity. Yes, many companies do send messages to their members via e-email, but there's nothing like developing a "REAL" friendship with another business opportunity partner. One that doesn't simply focus on "What have you done for me lately!". That's exactly why we developed the TBP Message Center and Discussion Forums!

The TBP Message Center and Discussion Forums allow TBP members to exchange information, ideas, personal stories ... whatever they like. And again, it doesn't matter who's upline, downline or sideline you're in, we're all here to develop strong relationships (business and personal) that will nurture financial success AND personal growth.

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