About The Team Building Project

The Team Building Project (TBP) was developed and launched in 2009 by Stephen Scott and currently has 44,054 members in over 150 countries. The TBP system is absolutely FREE and provides expert training and support to help you succeed.

Free Network Marketing Training Academy

TBP members worldwide have access to free training (webinars, videos, and newsletter updates), all designed to help you achieve success in network marketing. Trainings are hosted by Stephen Scott, author of "The Complete Guide to Network Marketing Success: Recruiting - Training - Building", and documented network marketing and internet technology expert who has developed organizations in over 150 countries.

Building a large global network marketing business requires expert training on the latest tools and techniques that will enable you to build a global organization. As a TBP member, you can attend

Our training seminars are designed specifically for network marketers interested in becoming professional network marketers, and remaining current on the latest business building technologies and strategies. The online seminars are approximately 30-60 minutes, will include reliable information that is easily understood and applied.

The training topics are based on Stephen's new book "The Complete Guide to Network Marketing Success: Recruiting - Training - Building".

Training Academy Topics

The Right Mindset for Network Marketing Success

The Reality of Network Marketing Success
The Importance of Embracing Disruption
Why Network Marketers Fail
Embrace Your Leadership Role
You're an Excellent Salesperson, Own It!
The Part-Time Network Marketer
Getting Support from Friends and Family Members

Choosing the Right Business Opportunity

Understanding Your Monthly Financial Needs
How to Select the Right Business Opportunity
Demystifying Network Marketing Compensation Plans

The Art of Recruiting

Resist the False Urgency of Recruiting
Recruiting with Integrity
Creating Your Recruiting Prospect List
Mastering the Sorting Process
The 5 Stages of Successful Recruiting
Next Level Recruiting - Getting Personal
Quantity Recruiting vs. Quality Recruiting
Promoting Your Business on Facebook
How to Recruit Experienced Network Marketers
How to Recruit Highly Successful People
International Recruiting - Creating Global Income
Recruiting at Work - Don't Get Fired!
Overcoming Common Objections

Mentoring and Training Your Team

Recruiting is Just the Beginning
7 Steps to Effective Mentoring and Training
Getting the Most out of Corporate Training Events

Mastering Powerful Presentations

The Perfect One-on-One Presentation
Effective In-Home Presentations
Online Business Opportunity Webcasts
The 1-Minute Business Opportunity Conversation

Online Social Media Strategies for Network Marketing Success

The Internet - The Future of Network Marketing
Understanding the Online Social Media Landscape
Creating Your Digital (Online) Brand
Optimizing Your Digital Brand
How Attraction Marketing Can Explode Your Business

Maximizing Your Productivity and Income

Don't Mistake Activity for Productivity
Characteristics of Successful Network Marketers
The Power of Self Motivation
Creating Long-Term Retirement Income

Network Marketing - Important Things to Know

Network Marketing For the 21st Century
Direct Sales vs. Network Marketing
Understanding Your Distributor Agreement
When Top Distributors Leave Your Company - Don't Panic!
Joining Multiple Business Opportunities

Global Support

One of the most important features of the TBP is the level of support we provide our members worldwide. And more importantly, we've worked hard to developed a friendly and open environment where TBP members are encouraged to help each other, no matter who's team you're on, what country you live in or what business opportunities you're pursuing. We even have a TBP Help Center that provides prompt assistance to our members 24/7, no matter the language or country. Our main focus is working together to achieve individual and TEAM success!

Real-Time Communication

Perhaps the worst experience a network marketer can have is feeling like they're not connected to other individuals in their business opportunity. Yes, many companies do send messages to their members via e-email, but there's nothing like developing a "REAL" friendship with another business opportunity partner. One that doesn't simply focus on "What have you done for me lately!". That's exactly why we developed the TBP Message Center and Discussion Forums!

The TBP Message Center and Discussion Forums allow TBP members to exchange information, ideas, personal stories ... whatever they like. And again, it doesn't matter who's upline, downline or sideline you're in, we're all here to develop strong relationships (business and personal) that will nurture financial success AND personal growth.

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New Book Available!

Over the past 20 years, Stephen Scott has done what he loves most, helping people succeed. Stephen has personally trained and mentored thousands of network marketing professionals in multiple countries, helping them develop the skills required for building a successful network marketing business.

Throughout this book you will learn how to quickly recognize and overcome the challenges in building a successful network marketing business. How to successfully recruit, train and mentor new distributors. How to develop and maintain an active organization, with high retention rates. How to build a truly global organization that enables you to earn monthly income, from multiple countries.

Stephen's primary goal is to clearly explain WHAT you need to do to achieve success in network marketing, but more important, he tells you WHY and shows you HOW.

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