Why Network Marketers Fail

Chapter 3 - Why Network Marketers Fail (Order on Amazon)

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There are 4 key reasons network marketers fail to achieve meaningful success.

1) Employee vs. Distributor Mentality

Most network marketing companies promote business ownership as one of the primary benefits of becoming a distributor or affiliate. A common phrase used in corporate promotional materials and by would-be sponsors is: "You're in business for yourself but not by yourself." While the idea is attractive, reality has proven it to be far from the truth.

In my experience working with new distributors, one of the most difficult challenges has been getting them to release their reliance on (and comfort with) the employee mindset. For many, understanding what it really means to be a distributor, and the responsibilities therein can be nearly impossible, especially for baby boomers and older, who may have experienced decades being an employee.

If network marketers continue to view their positions as employees and not distributors, their drive, creativity, and leadership development will be stifled, ultimately leading to marginal success at best.

And by the way, network marketing companies, along with their field leadership, routinely treat distributors like employees ... of course without all the benefits of employment.

2) Failing to Embrace the Salesperson Role

"I'm not a salesperson." "I don't like sales." These are terms you hear frequently among network marketers. And the fact is, it couldn't be further from the truth. Believe it or not, you are in the business of sales. You are a distributor because you want to make money, and you do that by selling your product or service to people. You are not giving it away, and you probably wouldn't be doing it without the potential to earn income.

Standing firm in the belief that you are a salesperson instills a certain level of confidence (not arrogance) that enables you to withstand much of the negative feedback you may encounter. In addition, fully embracing your role as a salesperson can help to put your customer and recruiting prospects at ease, because you are not trying to deceive them or hide your true intentions. Read more ...

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