Embrace Your Leadership Role

Chapter 4 - Embrace Your Leadership Role (Order on Amazon)

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If you are new to network marketing, or even someone with several years of experience, having access to a proven leader is a huge advantage. Leaders have the expertise and knowledge to help guide you in developing a successful network marketing business. Two areas where they are particularly helpful are recruiting, and helping you navigate the many landmines that litter the path to network marketing success.

Most successful network marketers are simply not available to everyone. In fact, the chances of finding a top producer who will personally mentor and train you are very low. That's because finding them presents somewhat of a catch-22 situation. More specifically, top network marketers tend to work directly with the top producers in their organization. Distributors that deliver impressive production or income results are easily identified by upline leaders, and subsequently contacted with an offer of direct support and mentorship.

Therein lies the catch-22; many distributors feel they need guidance and support from upline experts to achieve a level of success that would catch the attention of their upline leaders. This is a situation you can easily avoid if you are willing to take-action to become the leader you are looking for.

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