You're an Excellent Salesperson, Own It!

Chapter 5 - You're an Excellent Salesperson, Own It! (Order on Amazon)

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We have all experienced aggressive salespeople willing to say anything to make the sale. This perception is the primary reason network marketing companies, and individual distributors, try to distance themselves from the stigma of sales. They have even adopted a more moderate term, "relationship selling", in hopes of minimizing the level of resistance from potential customers and distributors.

The truth is, network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales; no matter which term you use to describe your business, requires selling. Whether you are trying to convince someone to buy your product or service, or trying to recruit them into your business opportunity, it's all sales in its purest and simplest form.

Selling Your Products and Services

You can avoid a great deal of fear, anxiety, and frustration by simply embracing the fact that you are a salesperson. It's really that simple. The success of your business depends on your willingness and ability to sell products. If you are unwilling or unable to sell your products, your business will eventually fail.

Don't worry, you are already a great salesperson! In fact, you've been actively engaged in selling every day of your life. When you were an infant and hungry, you routinely took advantage of your sales instinct, which was to cry and scream until you were fed. As you grew into early childhood, you continued perfecting your sales skills by adding negotiation tactics to the mix. Simply crying and complaining to get that toy wasn't enough, you had to negotiate, by promising to clean your room; thereby assuring the toy purchase would also benefit Mom. Even today, after you enjoy a delicious meal at a restaurant, watch a blockbuster movie, or finish a great book, your natural sales instinct is to enthusiastically encourage someone to enjoy the same experience. Simply mentioning the experience is not enough, you take it one step further by enthusiastically promoting (e.g. Selling), the experience. Your sales pitch is delivered without hesitation, fear, or anxiety. And you're doing it for free.

This is exactly how you should approach selling your products and services. ..... Read more ...

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