The Part-Time Network Marketer

Chapter 6 - The Part-Time Network Marketer (Order on Amazon)

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Achieving long-term success in network marketing requires time, effort, and commitment. There are no shortcuts despite what you might have been told.

During the recruitment process, you often hear; "You can build your business part-time, spare-time or whatever time fits your schedule". You will even find this repeated on business opportunity websites and in corporate marketing videos and promotional materials.

Monique Did it, So Can You.

Meet Monique; a dedicated single mother of three beautiful children, and full-time employee at Walmart. Monique wakes up at 5:30am each morning and works non-stop until she puts the last child to bed at 8:00pm. Throughout the day she has barely enough time to eat. This was Monique's life, day-after-day, until she decided to join our business opportunity. When she first started, Monique's main goal was to develop a second income that would enable her to spend more quality time with her children, while providing them with a better quality of life. Tired and exhausted, Monique dedicated a few hours at the end of each day to her business, despite the urge to get some much-needed rest. In just 6 short months Monique's efforts began paying off, having built a successful business generating more than four times her Walmart income. Monique has since quit her job at Walmart, and now enjoys spending more quality time with her family and enjoying the lifestyle they want and deserve.

Success stories like Monique's are routinely promoted by network marketing companies. The idea is, Monique did it, so can you. Well, the fact of the matter is Monique's success is unique to her drive, commitment, circumstances, and reasons for getting started. It is important to understand that your journey will most likely be quite different than Monique's, and that's OK. Read more ...

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