Resist the False Urgency of Recruiting

Chapter 11 - Resist the False Urgency of Recruiting (Order on Amazon)

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Joining a business opportunity can be stressful and highly emotional, particularly in the first few days. There is a heightened sense of urgency to get started quickly, and begin making money. Typically, the first task given to new distributors is to begin making their list of recruiting prospects, everyone they know, leaving no one off the list. Furthermore, they are encouraged by their sponsors and upline leaders to begin contacting their recruiting prospects immediately, introducing them to the business opportunity.

New distributors are strongly encouraged (and that's putting it mildly) to contact each of their recruiting prospects within a few days of getting started, without being fully versed on the company, products, or compensation plan. Fear of loss plays a big role in the powerful messaging new distributor receive from their direct sponsor, their upline team members, corporate training materials, and even from company leadership. This serves to significantly diminish the effectiveness of the recruiting process, and creates a confusing environment for distributors, while unknowingly reducing their potential for long-term success. Read more ...

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