Recruiting with Integrity

Chapter 12 - Recruiting with Integrity (Order on Amazon)

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Focusing on short-term growth and income, instead of long-term relationship building, can limit your ability to achieve success in network marketing.

A very popular approach to getting started involves sharing your business opportunity with everyone you know, as quickly as possible. If they respond with doubt and skepticism, or are even negative, they are somehow flawed, or they just don't get it.

There's even a popular term in network marketing used to describe this scenario: "Some will, some won't, so what, NEXT!" Not only is this short-sighted and presumptuous, but it's counter-productive, not to mention downright rude to whomever you're approaching. And yet, this is the path taken by many network marketers, and what's worse, this behavior is encouraged by so called 'upline experts' and network marketing companies in general.

This approach and mindset usually results in frustration, alienation, and failure. Unfortunately, inexperienced network marketers are simply doing what they are told, trusting that their efforts will ultimately lead to success.

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