Mastering the Sorting Process

Chapter 13 - Mastering the Sorting Process (Order on Amazon)

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At its core, network marketing is about people. It's a business model based on interacting with people, as potential business associates and customers. As such, throughout your network marketing career you will interact with hundreds, if not thousands of people. Each interaction is unique, and your ability to quickly characterize everyone will play a crucial role in your success. This activity is known as the sorting process.

Mastering the sorting process requires an ability to quickly characterize individuals, based on their reaction to your opportunity or the network marketing industry at large.

Assessing their Reaction to Network Marketing

The subject of network marketing can elicit a wide range of reactions from people. It is not unusual for people to react with skepticism, or even outright negativity.

During the recruiting process, you will encounter three types of reactions. Understanding how to quickly recognize these reactions, and respond accordingly, will save you a great deal of time and frustration.

Three Types of Reactions

1. Positive
2. Skeptical
3. Negative Read more ...

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