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Chapter 15 - Next Level Recruiting - Getting Personal (Order on Amazon)

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Recruiting is the engine that fuels the growth of the global network marketing industry. Not surprisingly, network marketing companies spend a disproportionate amount of time, effort, money, and marketing resources in support of recruiting activities. Products and services are important, and repeat sales to consumers is the desired outcome however, nothing happens without an active distributor network in place.

Given the importance of recruiting to the growth of your business, effective recruiting must be one of your primary goals. Within minutes of joining a network marketing opportunity, you are strongly encouraged to begin recruiting everyone you know, as quickly as possible. In fact, many network marketing compensation plans offer immediate and substantial financial incentives for quickly achieving sponsoring benchmarks. These pressures and incentives can create a frenzied environment in which professionalism and patience are ignored.

One of the most difficult challenges network marketers face is maintaining healthy relationships with their friends, business colleagues, and family members during the recruiting process. Read more ...

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