Quantity Recruiting vs. Quality Recruiting

Chapter 16 - Quantity Recruiting vs. Quality Recruiting (Order on Amazon)

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If given the choice of starting your network marketing business with 500 newbies, or 5 professionals, which would you choose? There really is no correct answer, as there are valid arguments for both approaches.

The Quantity Approach

The quantity approach involves recruiting everyone you know, and even new people you happened to meet. It begins with making a list of everyone you know, without pre-judging who may or may not be interested in your business opportunity. Then aggressively contacting everyone on our list, introducing them to our business opportunity.

The quantity approach is primarily a numbers game. As you begin sponsoring new distributors, the quantity approach can quickly duplicate itself, as you encourage new distributors to make their list, and begin contacting everyone they know as soon as possible.

The rationale behind the quantity approach assumes the more people you recruit, the higher the probability of finding a true leader that will result in hyper-growth (a period of rapid growth). There's a popular saying in network marketing; "Every dud knows a stud". This saying suggests even the most inexperienced and unmotivated individuals can lead you to a leader. This logic is often used to promote the quantity approach.

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