How to Recruit Experienced Network Marketers

Chapter 18 - How to Recruit Experienced Network Marketers (Order on Amazon)

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In business, there is no substitute for experience, and that's especially true in network marketing. Given the time and effort required to train and mentor individuals who are new to network marketing, it makes sense to include experienced network marketers in your recruiting campaigns.

Why Recruit Network Marketers?

  • They understand the concept of network marketing.
  • They understand and appreciate residual income.
  • They have established network marketing contacts.
  • They are motivated.

Finding experienced network marketers that are open to exploring other opportunities can be challenging. Why? Because network marketers are usually focused 100% on their current opportunity. In addition, they are strongly encouraged by their sponsors, and company trainers to remain focused on their current opportunity, and not get distracted by other opportunities.

Nonetheless, there are thousands of experienced network marketers around the world who remain open to exploring new opportunities. In fact, many of them are actively searching for the next business opportunity, right now.

Recruiting experienced network marketers can literally transform your business, propelling you to higher ranks and income. The key, of course, is finding and recruiting experienced network marketers.

How to Find Experienced Network Marketers using Facebook

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