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Chapter 21 - Recruiting at Work - Don't Get Fired! (Order on Amazon)

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Introducing your network marketing opportunity to co-workers can be a bit risky, particularly if you are doing it at work. Within the workplace, there are several forces at play, not the least of which are envy and jealously. Therefore, you should approach recruiting within the work place with extreme caution.

If you are determined to introduce your business opportunity to co-workers, I strongly recommend doing it outside your workplace. This will minimize any potential concerns your company might have regarding your recruiting efforts. In addition, you might consider having a conversation with your manager or direct supervisor at work regarding any potential problems that might arise from introducing co-workers to your business opportunity. Once again, be very careful, and ensure you have a positive relationship with your manager or direct supervisor before approaching them on this subject.

Attraction marketing can also play a key role in your workplace recruiting efforts. Read more ...

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