Recruiting is Just the Beginning

Chapter 23 - Recruiting is Just the Beginning (Order on Amazon)

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Recruiting a new team member requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. At times, it can also create moments consumed by anxiety and stress. However, the challenges faced throughout the recruiting process are small in comparison to the long-term responsibility of mentoring and training a team member.

After sponsoring a team member, there is a tendency for network marketers to outsource the mentoring and training of the person they've just sponsored. New team members are encouraged to study the fast-start materials, attend local training events, participate in weekly training webcasts, review training resources available in their back-office, or follow their upline leaders on social media websites. These are all activities that can contribute to the success of a team member however, they do not relieve you of your responsibility to personally mentor, and train everyone you personally sponsor.

It doesn't matter if you are new to network marketing or an experienced professional. Actively participating in the growth and development of everyone you personally sponsor is your responsibility, and they deserve nothing less. Read more ...

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