Getting the Most out of Corporate Training Events

Chapter 25 - Getting the Most out of Corporate Training Events (Order on Amazon)

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Corporate training events can be very effective in teaching you how to build your business, provided you treat them like true business events, and not simply a chance to party with friends.

To get the most out of training events, prepare a detailed action-plan before you leave home. Remember, you are going to a professional business training event, and not on vacation.

Let's assume your company is promoting a three-day training event that begins on Friday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. In preparing for this event, create a plan that holds you accountable for maximizing your training experience.

Create Your Training Event Team

Before the event, identify 3 to 5 individuals that will be part of your training event team. Like you, these are serious individuals that want to maximize their training event experience. It doesn't matter if these individuals are part of your team (upline or downline), what matters is that they are committed to taking a serious approach to the training event.

Create Your Daily Training Event Schedule

A tremendous amount of planning goes into corporate training events, and the schedules are usually packed with product training, sales training, and award ceremonies. Read more ...

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