The Perfect One-on-One Presentation

Chapter 26 - The Perfect One-on-One Presentation (Order on Amazon)

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One-on-one presentations are a great way to present your business opportunity, especially if you're just getting started, and perhaps a bit intimidated. Practice your one-on-one presentation with you sponsor, over and over, until you feel confident you can deliver the entire presentation.

When you're ready to begin giving one-on-one presentations to your recruiting prospects, start with a close friend or family member whom you trust, and is supportive of your efforts. Do not meet them at your home, or their home, find a neutral place that's conveniently located. Remember, this is a business meeting and not a social engagement. Avoid restaurants and bars, opting instead for a quiet coffee shop or similar venue.

When selecting the venue for your one-on-one presentation, do your homework. Visit the location in advance of your meeting to ensure it meets the following criteria. Read more ...

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