Effective In-Home Presentations

Chapter 27 - Effective In-Home Presentations (Order on Amazon)

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The origin of network marketing is often disputed; but network marketing style businesses existed as early as the 1920. Since then, in-home business opportunity presentations have also existed, and remain a popular today.

Successful in-home business opportunity presentations require a great deal of preparation and practice. If you are willing to take a serious approach to your in-home business opportunity presentation, you will significantly improve your chances of converting recruiting prospects into new distributors.

Practice - Full Rehearsals

Prior to your scheduled in-home business opportunity presentation, you should complete a minimum of 3 full dress rehearsals. Every detail of your presentation should be practiced, from start to finish, leaving nothing to chance.

Your presentation should be 60 to 90 minutes, maximum. Also, if you have active team members participating, make sure they attend each rehearsal, and more important, have a clear understanding of their roles throughout the presentation.

The dress rehearsals should be an exact representation of your live presentation to recruiting prospects. Read more ...

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