Online Business Opportunity Webcasts

Chapter 28 - Online Business Opportunity Webcasts (Order on Amazon)

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Network marketing companies and their distributors have begun using online webcast technology for business opportunity presentations and distributor trainings. And for good reason. A webcast can provide the experience and interaction of a live presentation, but without the need to rent large venues or have attendees travel long distances to attend. But remember, a webcast is only as effective as the people hosting it. Just as a hammer and chisel can be used to create a masterpiece, they can also be used to destroy one.

Webcasts are great way to share your business opportunity with anyone, anywhere. Unlike in-home and one-on-one presentations, webcasts allow you to reach a larger audience, without geographic limitations. You can invite your recruiting prospects and, in addition, your team members can invite their recruiting prospects as well.

Mastering the presentation for online webcasts is even more important than for in-home and one-on-one meetings. That's because your team members are counting on you to deliver an excellent presentation. Read more ...

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