The 1-Minute Business Opportunity Conversation

Chapter 29 - The 1-Minute Business Opportunity Conversation (Order on Amazon)

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If you Google the term '1-minute pitch' or ‘elevator pitch', you will find hundreds of websites and articles, each providing cleaver ways to pitch your company, product, or service, in 1 minute. The problem is, most of them tell you exactly what to say, and when to say it. In addition, the examples provided sound rigid, calculated, impersonal, and inauthentic.

Delivering an effective 1-minute pitch can be challenging, especially when it is scripted, leaving little room for improvisation and authenticity. Perhaps it's time for a new approach.

Let's begin by redefining our approach, moving away from the pitch, and towards a conversation. The goal of the 1-minute conversation is simply to pique interest, and agree to some form of follow-up. The 1-minute conversation is not a conversation in and of itself, it's simply part of a longer conversation.

Now, let's frame the 1-minute conversation, which again, lives within a longer conversation. The goal is ensuring the ‘1-minute conversation' is naturally, and seamlessly woven into a friendly conversation. Read more ...

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