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Chapter 30 - The Internet - The Future of Network Marketing (Order on Amazon)

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As of December 2016, over 45% of the world's population has access to the Internet, and as third world countries continue building out their Internet infrastructure, billions more people are gaining free and unlimited access to the Internet.

Today, most network marketing companies are pursuing an aggressive Internet strategy for extending their corporate brand, product sales, distributor networks, and revenue growth worldwide. This has resulted in rapid industry growth, particularly over the past 10 years.

Individual network markers are also using the Internet, and social networks like Facebook, to build their businesses. While traditional "offline" recruiting methods are still being used, the Internet has nonetheless become the preferred business building resource for many network marketers.

Unfortunately, millions of network marketers are taking an uninformed, ineffective, and even reckless approach to building their business on the Internet. Read more ...

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