Understanding the Online Social Media Landscape

Chapter 31 - Understanding the Online Social Media Landscape (Order on Amazon)

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Every day network marketers around the world engage with one or more social media websites. In fact, it's common for someone to use multiple social media websites, multiple times a day. We have reached a point where for many people, they spend more time engaging with people online that they do in real life.

When it comes to network marketers using social media websites to promote their business opportunity, they rarely have an appreciation for the importance of selecting the right mix of social media websites in which to engage. They simply select the most popular social media websites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) and begin aggressively promoting their business opportunity, without having developed and engagement strategy that supports their digital brand objectives. This lack of insight and planning can negatively affect your digital brand several years into the future.

Customizing Your Social Media Strategy

Fortunately, there is a way for you to customize your own social media strategy, taking into consideration all the social network platforms available today. Read more ...

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