The Power of Self Motivation

Chapter 37 - The Power of Self Motivation (Order on Amazon)

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Motivation is great. A heartfelt and timely statement of encouragement can literally transform the receivers' mindset, and help propel them towards meaningful action.

In the network marketing industry, a great deal of time, money, messaging, and training are devoted to some form of motivation. Motivation is literally the fuel that drives the engine, and without it, companies can suffer a slow death.

A few forms of motivation you might be familiar with include:

  • Limited time customer acquisition promotions with cash bonus payouts.
  • Limited time recruiting promotions with cash bonus payouts.
  • Videos of happy people enjoying beautiful homes, cars, and vacations.
  • Regional, national, and international events featuring popular motivational speakers.
  • Routine announcements of distributor promotions.
  • Events, brochures, and videos featuring top money earners.

Many of these motivational techniques are successful, and can inspire distributors to be more productive.

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