Joshua Suits: Glendora, California - United StatesUnited States

My experience in network marketing was never good, mainly because of no support, or I just didn't understand how it all worked. Plus I didn't really like being told to walk up to people and just bother them about an opportunity.

The second I saw this website something told me to just sign up. Without even thinking about it, I signed up. I knew something special was in place here. As time went on I started to see why this was something I've always wanted.

I learned a great deal of this business thanks to the team building project. About myself and the network marketing industry. Never did I have something to look forward too when I woke up in the morning. It really guided me in understanding this industry, and because of its guidance I started to see the real potential behind what is about to happen here at TBP now and for many years to come. And best of all, I'm still learning so much more.

TBP won't just be successful, it HAS to be successful. Too many reasons are lined up here that must cause it to work; things like the Support, Stephen Scott and his attitude towards this industry as well the people he wants to help. He shows true leadership from all that he does on this website, and nothing will stop him from making this work. He has been very helpful and if you just had any idea the kind of work he puts into this for all of us, you would be shocked. I just asked a retarded question and within minutes of writing this, he already answered. Now that's support!

Because of TBP, I truly feel my dreams are about to come true. My financial situations will no longer be a problem. Despite all the bull that people say regarding the economy. If it weren't for this opportunity I would be lost like I was before. I hope everyone reading this will see the true potential behind what is about to come. Thanks for reading!