Steven Berkholz: Lake Orion, Michigan - United StatesUnited States

I have about 60 direct referrals and a total of 120 in my downline. That is the bottom line and for me all that needs to be said once you realize the potential of Team Building Project. I've built larger teams (some up to 100 members) and really you should build your team as big as possible.

Since joining the Team Building Project I've had nothing but positive communication from people who I know really care about my progress.

It is truly YOUR team, not someone else's team. When the team decides collectively to join a paying program ALL of your free downline becomes your paying downline! And they STAY your paying downline because they have a vested interest just like you in getting paid every month!

It's a numbers game. Advertise consistently on a frequent basis. Your sign ups will come in. Ask questions, communicate, participate.

I have been very impressed with the professionalism of The Team Building Program.

I am 100% sure that this endeavor will be beneficial to everyone involved.

I have been involved with a few team builds and this one is different.

It is a little hard to describe what is different about it, but you can feel it.

The friendship among members.
Helping others succeed.
The build in requirements that let you know that you team is serious.

These are all things that make The Team Building Project great !

There will be those that are unwilling to learn or advance. You should just keep going and grow your team to success!

Your Team's success is your success!

Best of luck to you.
Steven BerkHolz
Skype: the.income.team