Maria Cronin: Bolingbrook, Illinois - United StatesUnited States

My name is Maria Cronin, and as an immigrant, have always been in search of the opportunity to make my own way and own my own business. Needless to say, without 'Daddy's money', it's a little difficult to open your own franchise or business. I have been exposed to a large number of multi-level marketing opportunities in the last 40 years and have been 'garage qualified' in a few of them.

The Team Building project has taken the good things about multi-level marketing, and got rid of the bad things about multi-level marketing, and put them into a nice package!! I feel that once we qualify to move forward it will be a blessing for all of us involved. I appreciate the opportunity to be a leader with this organization, and will move this company forward.

Yes, they told me the streets were paved with 'gold' in America, they just did not tell me I would have to dig so deep to get to it. Again, thank you Steve and the rest of the Leadership Team for making my reality of owning my own business a little less laboring!! This is as easy as showing a video. I appreciate all that you have done to make this happen for me and the rest of the members of TBP. I am sure that whatever product is chosen will be one that has great benefits to the individual consumer and will create a healthier world.