Chris Ciappa: Aurora, Illinois - United StatesUnited States

I have been involved in MLM in one manner or another since the early 1980's. My first venture was prior to online technologies back when Amway was doing teleconferencing and when Nu Skin began passing around VHS opportunity videos. I loved the concept and the fact that by helping a few others achieve success you ensure your own success.

Since that time I founded a popular highly search engine ranked business opportunity related web site called BocOnline dot com. I began my foray into technology and transitioned from the financial industry back in 1996. I was an internet user before there were browsers when it was all text based and when browsers and html came into the picture I began constructing web pages and sites. I transitioned from information only sites into database driven sites and learned internet marketing in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

Since that time I have built one MLM opportunity that has earned me thousands of dollars per month simply using online mechanisms. Of course one still must use personal communication, the phone, email, and build relationships, but the point is I have become highly skilled at building personal networks.

The Team Building project strikes me as one that can offer massive potential, yet it is only the beginning. Making massive money takes massive action and effort. Therefore, my pledge is that, as long as the opportunity selected is one in which I believe, I will promote and online market it to ensure the success of all my team members who are willing to learn and work.

Please remember however, it is not all and only about online markeitng. We still have to build relationships, talk to others on the phone, help each other out, etc... I will do my part and the Team Building Project is a great start.